Primary and Intermediate Mathematics

Mathematics lessons for Primary (Years 3-6) and Intermediate (Years 7-8) students are aligned with the New Zealand Numeracy Project, the New Zealand Curriculum and the National Standards.

We teach a mixture of number knowledge such as number identification, ordering and sequencing numbers, basic facts and place value alongside a range of strategies to help solve a variety of mathematical problems. 

An appropriate range of strategies are taught and set in contextual problems which students can understand and relate to. This allows them to broaden their understanding of how mathematical knowledge will benefit them in real life situations.

An appropriate amount of time (for the student’s year level) is spent on the strands of geometry, measurement, statistics and algebra.

Secondary Mathematicscalculator-circle

Years 9 and 10

Junior high school students work their way through a range of exercises, set texts, past exams and assessments. They are encouraged to form a solid foundation of number knowledge. Once students have this platform, they have a good baseline to work from, enjoying the feeling of experiencing success as they build confidence and accuracy.
Students cover all the strands (geometry, measurement, algebra and statistics) in a year of study and tutors are more than happy to align their teaching to individual student’s classroom programmes.


Senior high school students’ learning is directly aligned with what they are doing in class. Students are encouraged to bring their classroom learning with them, so they can build on their understanding and classroom notes through the use of different set texts, models from tutors, past exams and internal assessments.